We are Knowledge Process Outsourcing provider to the businesses and accountancy firms across the globe. We help you to reduce the cost of permanent employees and handle your back-office accounting work with expert and professional staff, leaving you to focus on your business as well regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • To achieve better strategic deployment of accounting employees.
  • Your accounting process becomes more efficient and streamlined
  • You get more time to focus on business development and client servicing
  • Your business will benefit by getting access to advanced technologies without having to make any extra investments.
  • Low Price: Cost saving is very important.
  • Flexibility: Changing resource is easier than full time employee.
  • Scalable: Extensive experience of working with SME's and large entities to improve the efficiency.
  • Trustworthiness: Our firm is trustworthy to provide a perfect solution to your company.

KPO Services

Our team of bookkeepers and accountants work out in a highly secure workspace with access to the latest accounting packages and resources to coup up with the competition in the industry and ensure a high-quality of work with efficiency.

  • Accounting Software Set-Up
  • Bank & CC Reconciliation
  • Payable & Receivable Function
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Cash/Revenue/Expenses Forecasting
  • Payroll & Superannuation
  • Strategic Advice on Managing Revenue, Expenses, Cash Flow
  • Management reporting
  • Financial Ratios & KPI Reporting
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Budgeting Quarterly / Yearly
  • Monthly CFO Advisory services
  • Preparation and lodgment of Taxes return