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Shaun Global has introduced many of the industries’ IT-based solutions with the following options/ categories

  • Standard ERP implementation with the top tier ERP Solutions
  • Customized business solutions and ERPs
  • Dedicated IT and Professional Teams and Dedicated Back Office with Dedicated IT and Professional Teams
Implementation of Standard ERP Solutions

Businesses prefer to go with standard ERP due to its robustness, industrial acceptance, support services, and best industrial practices. Shaun Global has certifications and partnerships with globally accepted IT solutions with
• QuickBooks Certified
• Xero Certified Partner
• myob, ZOHO, and Sage
• SAP Business One
• MS Dynamics
• Oracle NetSuite
We further offer of Decreased Cost Solution of Standard ERP with ADD-ONS which can reduce ERP license costs, annual costs, and maintenance costs to a minimum. A standard ERP with the spread of data points will certainly cost you huge but if extended with our add-on solutions then you can save these.

You can walk to us with your business model rather it is online/ e-commerce or industrial or service industry. We are confident to help you out with your required solution with the best of options. We have a team of consultants and developers to discuss your business and develop and finalize a customized solution that will suit you perfectly. Going with standard ERP can be costlier (initial and annual costs), ambiguous, and even irrelevant. Customized Business Solutions for your business will cover (integrate) all of the business activities, operations, and relevant purposeful reporting, extended with the industrial best practices built in.

The costs and solution will certainly surprise you when you come with Shaun Global. Most of our industrial solutions like services industry, manufacturing, restaurants, stores, warehousing, CRM, property business, retailers, distributors, and many more are working in the field already.

Customized ERP Solutions

Are you tired of standard ERP due to standardization with un-required modules and functionalities?


Many of the ERP functions employ a lot of resources that are not creating any value for your business but you have to pay forcefully as you do have not any substitute to avoid these ERP costs.


are you planning for strategic advantage through your customized ERP over the competitors to have smart business decisions on a random basis? If yes, then your first choice can be Shaun Global, which we have developed in-house highly customized or specialized IT solutions already

  • Retail chains solutions
  • Distribution of FMCG products
  • Medicines distribution solutions
  • Real estate solutions