Cloud Accounting

The cloud-based accounting phenomenon driving the accounting profession to new heights and revolutionizing the way bookkeepers & professional accountants interact with businesses and clients. It pushes the industry to remote accounting and cloud-based accounting software (SaaS) and allow the decision makers to keep finger on the pulse of business health.

The cloud record keeping allows quick access to the client’s business database on the internet for the real time updation of data and prompt decision which makes the relationship dynamic between clients and business advisers. SaaS tools eliminate duplication of work and allow accountants to focus on reporting and management of the day-to-day work. Implementation of cloud-based system will help to create a KPI based reporting or analysis results in reducing cost and add value to the services.

Our Approach to Cloud Accounting

SaaS Implementation

Our cloud accounting implementation team has specialist knowledge of various tools and can assist in system implementation. Our implementation team is able to assess the key process requirements of your business and will guide you from software selection till implementation and training also easing the transition over to new software.

Staff Training

After successful implementation and test process we can tailor the training from the beginning to ensure that your staff is well versed with the usage, interface and modules of the software. We can make our availability immediately through remote desktop access or phone for any query. This will be included in the implementation process.


SaaS based accounting tools and remote working has changed the market norms. KPO of the certified accountants can now be efficiently utilized with effective costing strategy and time interval of the other geographic resource utilization, whilst leaving the other business administrative work on onsite staff. We provide complete analysis of financial data with key information on the business, allowing your resource to focus on profit-generation and reducing loss-making activities.

Cloud Accounting Software's

When it comes to SME's accounting packages, we are partners and expert of the following accounting tools which covers all the aspect of accounting for small growing companies.

  • Accounting Software Set-Up
  • Bank & CC Reconciliation
  • Payable & Receivable Function
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Cash/Revenue/Expenses Forecasting
  • Payroll & Superannuation
  • Strategic Advice on Managing Revenue, Expenses, Cash Flow
  • Management reporting
  • Financial Ratios & KPI Reporting
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Budgeting Quarterly / Yearly
  • Monthly CFO Advisory services
  • Preparation and lodgment of Taxes return

Virtual CFO

We can help your business to grow and move into new markets, improve overall productivity & efficiency, increase your competitiveness in the industry, Minimize the potential risk of business failure, improve success through values and KPIs, manage taxes, risk and compliance. Our vCFO solutions are... Financial Modeling, FP&A and Budgeting Corporate Advisory