Accessing Our Website

Shaun Global is committed for providing a Global website which is accessible to the viewers. This page describes the options which are accessible to help you view and navigate through the web site easily.

Browser: Our website supports most commonly used browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari etc.

Screen resolution: Our website is optimized to be viewed on a variety of devices and at different screen resolutions with a minimum amount of scrolling, panning, and zooming.

Images: Images on website are provided with descriptive HTML img alt attributes. This is to facilitate the use of screen readers and other such devices.

Multimedia: if you are using up-to-date browser would allow you for viewing of multimedia presentations/video clips on this site. Text alternatives are also provided for most multimedia content in the form of close captions for ease.

Navigation: All pages contain a link to the home page in the footer. The navigation pan has been developed in a consistent fashion to provide clear navigation pathways throughout the site.

PDF: If you would like to use a screen reader to read PDF documents, you can directly find it out on the Adobe accessibility website.

JavaScript: JavaScript is used throughout the website, and it functions such as navigation. Searching will function for website visitors who do not have JavaScript enabled in their browser. 

Further assistance: If you have any further query or feedback relating to our website, please don’t hesitate, use our contact us form.